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Art College of of Henan University is the earliest high-level art institution established in Henan Province. Her predecessor was the Kaifeng Teachers’ College Technical College that established in 1949. On this basis, Art College of of Henan University was established in 1958. In 1959, it was renamed the Zhengzhou Art College and covered two colleges: music and fine arts. It is undergraduate-institution. In 1962, the adjustment of colleges and universities in Henan Province, Zhengzhou Art College merged into Henan University to establish art department.In 1996, the provincial party committee and the provincial government decided to reinstate the establishment of Henan Art College on the basis of the art disciplines of Henan University, under the jurisdiction of Henan University. In 1998, the Art Discipline of Henan University was reorganized, and the 4 departments of the original art specialty were merged to establish the Art Institute of Henan University. The Art College of Henan University has been identified as the Training and Training Base of the Ministry of Education's Sports and Artistic Teachers, the State-level Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Area, the Henan Provincial Art Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and the Central and Local Finance Co-construction Art Training Center Experimental Base. In 2018, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council announced that the discipline of art theories of Henan University is the first-grade discipline authorized by the doctoral degree.

The college now has five teaching and scientific research institutions and a public teaching institution - the Department of Public Art Education and Research, such as the Music and Dance Branch, the Theatre Branch, the Fine Arts Academy, the Design Branch, and the Institute of Arts Theory. And there are music research institutes, national vocal music research institutes, fine arts institutes, calligraphy research institutes, folk and folk art research institutes, Song Dynasty culture and art research institute, Guo Xiaozhuang art research office, Italian art research center and other scientific research institutions.

The College has a Ph.D. in arts theory and Ph.D. in music and dance, theatre and film and television, fine arts, design, and theory of art, 5 first-level masters degree authorities and MFA authorization points. The four first-level disciplines including music and dance, drama and film and television, fine arts, and design are the ninth batch of key disciplines in Henan Province. There are 12 undergraduate majors in fine arts, calligraphy, painting, photography, visual communication design, environmental art design, animation, musicology, music performance, composing and composing technology theory, choreographer, and performance.

The Faculty of Arts currently has 219 faculty and staff members, including 27 professors and 100 associate professors.There are more than 1,800 undergraduates and 480 postgraduates. Through more than 60 years ‘s joint efforts of several generations of people, the Art College of Henan University has become the cradle of cultivating the artistic talents of Henan Province and the whole country, and has sent more than 10,000 graduates of various types to the society. There are countless outstanding alumni and A large number of famous art educators,such as Xie Menggang, Zhao Zipei, Yin Jinde, Wang Shouting, Ding Zhegui, Xie Ruijie, He Zhiyi, Ma Jigung, Ye Tongxuan, Liu Tiehua, Liang Bingqian, Wu Xiuzhi, Lv Daisheng, Du Heming, Wang Wei, Ding Yizhong,etc. was once taught in the college. Graduates such as Ma Guoqiang, Li Bo'an, Wang Hongjian, Wang Yingsheng, Xiao Hong, Xie Bingyi, Xiao Xiangyu, Chen Shumin, and Li Yanqiu have made outstanding achievements in the fields of art creation, music performance, and art theory research, and have made greater contributions to the prosperity of culture and contribution of arts.

The leadership of the Art Academy attaches great importance to teaching, scientific research, and discipline construction. They always adhere to the concept of scientific development of the college and are eager to create “six first-class” schools—first-rate colleges, first-rate disciplines, first-rate majors, first-rate achievements, first-rate teachers, and first-rate students. With ambition, proceeding from the actual situation of the college, various measures are taken to improve the overall academic level of teachers. In the past three years, teachers in our college have published more than one hundred monographs and textbooks, published more than 600 papers, and hosted or participated in 82 scientific research projects. Their art works have won 440 awards at the national, provincial, and departmental levels.

Our college has a building area of more than 16,800 square meters of comprehensive teaching building, piano room building and teaching equipment that worth nearly ten million yuan. We also has a full-featured concert hall, multimedia classrooms, computer classrooms, digital piano classrooms and domestic first-class recording, audio, computer composition and other equipment. The library collected a total of more than 80,000 volumes of books and paintings, including a collection of works of Ming and Qing Dynasties and contemporary masters of calligraphy and painting, and paintings of Taipei Palace Museum copied by Er Xuan She in Japan.


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